What are the system requirements?

FireWebSSO addon is available for Firefox 2.0.x/3.5.x. and SeaMonkey

The FireWebSSO server will be available on Linux platforms and Windows.(see FAQs) It may compile under MacOSX. A light windows server without SSL support will be available in the download binary section. It is a simple service waiting on a local TCP port and using a local sqlite database.

How to deploy a private FireWebSSO server ?

The FireWebSSO server will be used as a standalone server without SSL support or behind an apache server using the fast-cgi interface. The apache server may be configured to handle HTTPS or HTTP connxion and restrict access to the CGI.

Where can I get FireWebSSO ?

The FireWebSSO addon is available at "addons.mozilla.org".

The "download" section will contain links to the sources and compiled version of the FireWebSSO Server.


The FireWebSSO addon is available at

FireWebSSO : addons.mozilla.org www.firewebsso.com

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