FireWebSSO extension for Firefox and Seamonkey, new release:

FireWebSSO is ready, see the news page for new features and changelog.

FireWebSSO addon : site configuration and sidebar tree. One login and one password to store and protect all your web logins and passwords, available securely from any Firefox navigator on the Internet.

What is FireWebSSO?

FireWebSSO is a Single Sign-On (SSO) addon for Firefox 2.0/3.5 and Seamonkey that allows you to store and use securely, logins and passwords (secondary logins/passwords) for various Web applications.
FireWebSSO Features:

  • Primary login/password (Master Password) to identify the user and associate the secondary logins.
  • Secure remote storage of user's secondary login/password in a secure server with full confidentiality.
  • Data are encrypted by the navigator's addon (AES-256/SHA-2); consequently the server has no access to user's data.
  • Detection of login forms and firefox authentication dialog box.
  • Direct authenticated site access, site management and organization, multiple login/password, password generator, ...

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Single Sign-On is the ability to access multiple accounts and use multiple login and password with only one master authentification. Common Single Sign-On usage, technology and major players.

Why is FireWebSSO secure?

FireWebSSO is secure because the server never receives clear information, and has no way to decrypt data ciphered by the Firefox addon. All the ciphering are done by the FireWebSSO FireFox addon, inside the navigator. As a side effect, if you lose your primary password, there is no way to recover it, all your logins and passwords stored on the server are just a useless pile of bytes.

FireWebSSO Architecture and license

The FireWebSSO addon is distributed under the MPL licence. Our public FireWebsso server allows up to 1000 secondary sites per user.

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Our goals Our goal is to provide you the ability to use your login and password, securely, from any Firefox navigator, at home, at work, well virtually anywhere, on any Operating System, without duplicating your password database. No more loss of your precious logins/passwords when your harddisk crashes.

You can use this addon freely. But if you are a satisfied user, feel free to use the Donate link.